A NON-INVASIVE technology that applies Specific FRECUENCIES of Music and different Colors of Light.

Who Invented the Harmonic Egg?

To learn more about Gail’s story and for additional details on the inner workings of the HARMONIC EGG, read Gail’s book “unlocking the ancient secrets to healing.”

Gail Lynn

Gail Lynn was inspired to create the harmonic egg after her own healing experience with another resonant energy technology. With a background in engineering, she knew that she was uniquely gifted to craft a chamber with better energy resonance than the one she had experienced. Gail has a wide-ranging background in creative endeavours, as a business owner, and in the field of engineering. in 2010 she opened her first light and sound therapy center in Denver, Colorado, using the older technology she had first experienced. over the next few years, she studied bio resonant frequencies, Nikola tesla’s theories of 3,6 and 9, sacred geometry, heliotherapy, chromotherapy, and much more. she pondered how to create a chamber with the perfect combination of size ratios, materials, and shapes to enhance resonance.

She enlisted the expertise of professional musicians to create some proprietary music, specifically designed for the acoustics of the egg, to help the body heal itself. Gail also collaborates with professional light and sound engineers on the harmonic egg team. In 2020 she was approved a patent for her invention, the HARMONIC EGG, just 4 years after applying.