A NON-INVASIVE technology that applies Specific FRECUENCIES of Music and different Colors of Light.

How bio-energy therapy works in the body?

“It’s all about the energetic balance: Relax, Recalibrate & Repair!”
Along with conscious breathing, other way to relax and enter to a meditative state, is through music, colour, and light (and Nature of course!). Integrative bioenergy therapy, through relaxation, is the most natural form of alleviating symptoms of stress and other imbalances. The HARMONIC EGG utilizes a non-invasive resonant energy technology that applies specific music and different coloured light waves to promote the body’s own natural restorative abilities!

By Jeremy Bishop/Unplash

“Align your energetic flow!”

Music and light work on the autonomic nervous system. This photo-vibratory stimulation triggers the body to turn off the activity of the genes that cause trauma and helps us to release these negative energies/vibrations from our body/field/mind.
In other words, it helps shift us from the sympathetic or “fight/ flight” state to the parasympathetic or “resting” state.

The resonant frequency moves and/or re-routes blocked energy, allowing the body to disperse imbalanced energy and optimize the exchange of chemical substances that regulate the function of all our bodily systems. Once the body achieves the balanced state of Homeostasis, the restorative energetic work of the cells can be done by yourself! 

By Maxime Valcare/Unplash

“Energy Medicine, at its foundation, focuses on the Energy Fields of the body that organize and control the growth and repair of cells, tissue, and organs. Changing impaired Energy Patterns may be the most efficient, least invasive way to improve the vitality of Organs, Cells, and Psyche.”
David Feinstein, PH.D.