A NON-INVASIVE technology that applies Specific FRECUENCIES of Music and different Colors of Light.

How Remote Sessions Work?

“But in the fact of these colors we cannot see, these sounds we cannot hear, these thoughts we cannot apprehend, lies the hope of evolution and the promise of eternity.”

Edgar Cayce

To understand the power of the HARMONIC EGG, even in a remote way,
We must remember that energy cannot be created and cannot be destroyed, only transmuted; In this era we can confirm that Energy is everything and everywhere. It is the building block of all matter, whether it is part of something living or not. All forms of energy have fields (quantum, electric, and magnetic fields) and can exist as particles, waves, quarks, electrons, photons, and many other forms.

“We are swimming in a sea of energy in which we are continually being bombarded by waves of frequency or vibrations.”

Gail Lynn

By Heavy/Unplash

We are swimming in a multi-energetic ocean. With the Harmonic Egg we can harmonize the frequency of waves by creating electromagnetic resonance and send vibrational frequencies through the subtle field, even remotely to distant locations. By using a photograph to focus our intention on specific people, we can reach and correct dissonant frequencies helping to restore the natural resonance of their bodies.
What is needed for a remote / Virtual harmonic egg session?

  • A photo showing from the waist up.

  • The person’s birth date and full name.

  • An email and intention for your session

  • We hold the space for your intention/healing, based on our phone call and email. We place your photograph and information into the Egg during your scheduled appointment.

  • During your remote session, be mindful; create a serene space and mindset to receive.

  • There will be a follow up call the next day. If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us to share any feedback about your session or ask questions prior to our follow up call / email.

  • Schedule an appointment online or any inquiry: ale@harmoniceggvancouver.com

“Reset your inner switch to Higher Self Healing mode ON!”